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Creator of Clothing Company

Creator of Clothing Company for Much shorter Male Shares How He Turned His Shopping Frustrations into Cold Hard Cash

Ben Robbins didn’t always imagine establishing his own clothes company. His company, Silas Jackson, emerged from an extremely practical need: He was shorter than average and couldn’t find anything that fit him right.

In a current interview with TheBlaze, Robbins shared his story of breaking into the competitive world of retail fashion.

The frustrating experience of looking for clothing throughout my life was the primary motivator for beginning Silas Jackson, Robbins informed TheBlaze in an e-mail.

The 34-year-old businessman shared that maturing as a musical kid who played the violin and piano at concerts, finding good clothes that fit well was a struggle that continued into his adult life.

When I got older, I cared more about design, but shopping was excruciating as just a couple of things would fit, and inevitably what fit didn’t look excellent, Robbins described. It’s really demoralizing to go from one store and other and discover that clothes just aren’t produced you start to feel like a mutant.

When he got wed to his spouse, Yana, in 2012, Robbins stated he keeps in mind complaining about how it was inconceivable that guys my height were completely neglected by major brand names.

Robbins, who was working for a global trading company at the time, said at that point, the light bulb went off.

This is a real issue, he remembered believing. And it’s something I could aim to fix myself.

That’s when Silas Jackson, an online clothing startup particularly for males 5’8? and under, was born.

The New York-based company, called after Robbins two nephews, Silas and Jackson, was established in December 2014.

There is no male equivalent of women s small sizing, Robbins explained. As a result, shorter individuals like myself can (1) pay up for custom clothes; (2) attempt to customize existing clothes (never ever fits rather right, and costs more money); (3) store in the child s department (awkward and restricted selection); or (4) just dress severely, which is exactly what the majority of much shorter people wind up doing.

And it didn’t take Yana much convincing that Silas Jackson would be a valuable project for her spouse.

As Robbins put it, my other half has actually been truly encouraging of it because it indicated I would stop grumbling about going shopping.

Already, Silas Jackson offers its items exclusively online. In the coming months, the company prepares to broaden its offering from long sleeve button-up t-shirts ($ 48) and brief sleeve polos ($ 28) to a complete closet that includes pants, blazers and t-shirts.

I would like us to be the shorter male s alternative to JCrew or Banana Republic, though keeping our clothing priced affordably, Robbins stated.

Progressing, Robbins shared that he would ultimately like to take a look at broadening into menswear or department stores, but prior to doing this, he wishes to concentrate on the direct-to-customer collection and cultivate a strong nationwide following.

Most of all, I hope that the work we do at Silas Jackson can help conquer the indefensible stigma that shorter males deal with, Robbins said of the company s ultimate objective. Being short is not a character flaw; it’s just a particular, a neutral truth of life for lots of males such as myself. It’s taken me several years to understand that height ends up being a lot less important when somebody is confident, and being able to dress well in clothes that fit is absolutely a confidence booster.